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Step aside conventional water filter bottles there is a new system available... Other bottles literally suck!

When you drink through a conventional water filter bottle, it is hard to get a proper drink. You have to suck through a carbon straw or sports cap bottle making the flow rate slow and at times frustrating. It becomes even harder as the bottle empties.

With Sukori you filter the water first by squeezing the filter down. Just press to pure!

Sukori filters the water before drinking using its NSF certified AG+ activated carbon filter. Chemical impurities, heavy metals and odors are absorbed into the filter.

Made from 100% BPA free plastics, our bottles are of the highest quality and are dishwasher proof (apart from the filter). Fill up your Sukori from any freshwater source!

  • Great For Emergencies – Drink water from any freshwater source
  • Great For Everyday Use – Removes impurities including chlorine & heavy metals from tap water
  • Great For Saving Money – Will save you hundreds of pounds by replacing overpriced bottled water, which are a environmental catastrophe
  • Capacity is 470 ml of water 
  • Comes in Blue, Green, Pink or Black (currently out of stock)
  • Patented protected design
  • Filtering takes 15-30 seconds the slower you do it the more impurities it removes
  • Water tastes great and odor free!
  • Filter can be used 400 times before replacing
  • Has a timing dial at the bottom of the bottle so you know when to replace your filter. If you drink one Sukori bottle a day, the filter will last for 6 months before the need to replace it (filters sold separately on our website)
  • Can put the bottle into non filtering mode to hold juice or other beverages

Clean water is a prerequisite for good health. Bottled water which typically uses PET plastics contain chemicals that  are Endocrine disruptors. This has been linked to many cancers, including breast cancer and prostate cancer. Which is why Sukori bottle is not made from a soft plastic and therefore BPA Free.

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21st Century Health was founded by Steven Chasan. We search the world to bring life changing health products. Our ethos is chemical free, fair trade, organic, vegetarian and sustainable. We have been selling non-toxic household consumables since the early 90’s.

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