Filtration Facts

Clean drinking water is one of the best things you can do for your health. Unfortunately, tap water and many bottled water are contaminated by industrial chemicals, heavy metals and toxins.


Sukori has two missions:

  1. To reduce the tons of plastic waste created by the bottled water industry, polluting our environment and destroying our marine life and natural habitats. 
  2. To provide clean uncontaminated drinking water to sustain our health and life.


  • Unique internal filter design to ensure that every drop of water is being properly filtered. 
  • It can effectively remove 99.99% of all waterborne bacteria and 97.7% of chlorine in tap water, it can also absorb impurities and peculiar smell.
  • This includes filtering out E. Coli, Salmonella, Giardia Lamblia, and Cryptosporidium Parvum.
  • Bottle Capacity: 470 ml
  • Filter Capacity: 150L/400 times/3 months, replace filter every 3 months or 400 times or filter up to 150L
  • Filter Accuracy: Approximately 0.1 microns without the use of chemicals or external equipment.
  • Its Ag+ ACTIVATED CARBON FILTER filters the water, removing Fluoride, Chlorine, Coliform bacteria and other contaminates and heavy metals.
  • Both NSF and SGS test results show the bottle removing nearly 100% of these impurities that affect our health so badly.
  • Harvard University researchers proved that Industrial Sodium Flouride found in our tap water is linked to brain damage, lower IQ levels and cancer.
  • This Sukori bottle can give you the pure, clean, great tasting drinking water that you deserve! Using its micro filtration patented filter system, it increases the surface area of the water whilst it is being filtered, allowing it to maximise the amount of contaminates that it can filter out. 
  • Of course we wanted the product to be BPA free and dishwasher safe too (the filter must be taken out whilst dishwashing).
  • At Sukori we realise that sucking or squeezing water through a filter is limiting and cumbersome. With a Sukori patented bottle, you squeeze the water at the beginning through the filter allowing you to freely enjoy 470ml's of great tasting clean water. This is why Sukori is recognised by Red Dot Design.
  • Other water filter bottles on the market are unable to employ two functions on the same bottle.
  • Sukori will not be put in the cupboard and occupy space, it is the convenient, sustainable choice.
  • A Sukori filter can replace about 300 bottles of bottled water. It does not only save our earth but also save your money! Love your health. love our earth and love your money.
  • Maybe you will choose bottled water if no clean source is nearby. But no water source, including bottled water is 100% free from contaminants. Bottled water will cost you a lot of money and damage the environment.
  • You would have clean, safe drinking water when you have the Sukori multi-function portable bottle with filter in hand.


Sukori is manufactured using NO.5 polypropylene PP plastic which is the best material suitable for the bottle. All the materials including lubricating oil belong to food grade material. All parts of the bottle can be recycled in order to protect our environment. Please rest assured to use our Sukori water filter bottle.


Please consider buying Sukori bottles for your family and loved ones so that you can enjoy clean tasting and uncontaminated water, just the way it was always meant to be drunk!

  • Innovation Filtration Method. ✓
  • Stop worrying about "suck air" that most filter bottles drawback. Using Sukori like normal water bottle! ✓
  • Easier to acquire safe drinking water, suitable for children too! ✓
  • Great for working, climbing, hiking, camping or traveling. ✓


Product Description - Bottle Capacity: 470 ml - Filter Capacity: 150L/400 times/3 months - Filter Accuracy: Approx 0.1 micron - Feature: Portable, Eco-friendly - Material: Food Grade PP, Silicon, TPR (Bottle)/ PP filter cloth, Activated carbon, KDF55 (Filter) - Patent: USA, Japan, China, Taiwan.